New Website

Well it has certainly come at a cost - this new project of mine. Although it didn't start that way. The thought was to explore other website ideas, making a uniformed and smart decision about where Barefoot Photography was headed in the future. 

After such blinding clarification at The Baby Summit a few months ago, it occurred to me that I needed to refresh, reinvigorate and firmly establish my branding. To do so meant looking at EVERYTHING that Barefoot was. Did I like my logo? Was my website fresh? Did I get noticed on Google search? - because lets face it, as a business it is imperative that first impressions count. There was so much I loved about my branding, but I did feel that she needed a new dress. 

And here begins my journey into the darkness. My previous website host, who I had been with for 5 long and productive years suddenly turned Dr Jekkyl on me. They started talking all techie, shutting down the website, emails were lost - and this was BEFORE my final decision to go elsewhere. Oh what had I done? 

I'm not naming and shaming, because for 5 years I was completely happy. It's a bit like a love story that goes wrong. You are loved up, things are plodding along hunky dory, but then people change. Things go a little stale and someone falls out of love. The poor sap who's about to be dumped suddenly turns cray cray. 

In two LOOOONG weeks, I have rebuilt the website, learnt about Domain Names, Servers, and A Records. I have built a great rapport with my Domain provider (previously only a means to an end), dealt with probably 20 consultants from my new website host - ALL of whom have been helpful, understanding and obviously have degrees in psychology. 

There is only one thing left to do. Have a lovely bath, a rather large glass of red. Then dye my hair.

Oh and show you my new baby.....!

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