Kareena Hospital Sessions

Many might know that I have been the resident newborn photographer at Kareena Private Hospital, Caringbah for coming up to my 6th year. What you may not know is that these unique sessions are NOT your average hospital photos - long gone are the days where it was a simple head shot in that beautiful stripey hospital blanket. 

A typical hospital session with Barefoot Photography is approximately an hour long, and encompasses all that a normal session would be with beautiful organic wraps, blankets and pretty things, and typically will yield about 20 or more colour images for your gallery. No stripey blanket to be seen in the vicinity! 

My newborn hospital sessions really push me to the limit as I am not always so lucky to have perfect natural light, I’m limited to an immovable hospital bed, and of course bub is not always in that “place”! In saying this I just LOVE what I can and do get out of these sessions, sometimes the most ordinary looking shot can be the most surprising. Much of this is due to the editing process. 

A hospital shoot does not mean ordinary. Or a token shot in those first few days. It does not mean I don’t take exactly the same care and love that I put in to any other of my shoots. 

My time at Kareena is totally free of charge. The hospital do not pay me, although I am a “service” that is provided complimentary. I am so very blessed to have had this perfect business arrangement with them for so long, and I have been so privileged to “introduce” hundred of babies over the years. 

Of course, it’s not always possible to hold your session in-house. Mum is not feeling great; bub could be in Special Care; or it could just be that a more relaxed session is called for. This is where I offer either a Home Shoot within the comfort of your own home, or in my beautiful home studio in Woronora. 

If you are having a baby at Kareena or you know someone who is and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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