sutherland shire family photography

I have neglected you - my blog - lately. And I’m not too sure why; after all, in my line of work it can get a little lonely and I enjoy having conversations with myself! Truly, I can make myself laugh with some of my stories. But, I digress… 

I’ve forgotten to blog, can’t think of anything worthwhile to Insta, barely make a Facebook post unless to post a sneak peek… and yes, I can say I’ve been busy cuddling newborns, catching up on housework, ferrying child to soccer, karate etc - ok the housework thing? bit of a stretch. 

Truth is I think I lost a bit of mojo. Taking photos of my family had become a bit of a chore. We recently spent Easter in one of the most beautiful places on the South Coast and I DID NOT TAKE ONE PHOTO. 

On the upside, I’ve been enjoying my little man’s company. He has just discovered he can read. Like, everything. Sign posts, cereal packets and Aldi catalogues. He’s discovered he looks good with some weird trendy haircut that leaves a line down half of his head and my hands are constantly covered in thick man gel cement stuff. Thanks big bro. 

So back to my mojo. I know that I love photography so much that I cannot fathom NOT ever doing it. It’s my livelihood, my passion (and pain), my “other baby”. When I’m in a session I think only of squishy bubba rolls and creating a lifetime of memories of those first few days - and I’m in the zone. But at home? I’m missing so many little moments because I can’t be bothered picking the camera up. 

Half way through writing this I had a brain snap and said to little man, “Cmon, lets go outside and take some photos!” So we did. He did insist on wearing his favourite towel as a superhero cape, but that was it. On the front driveway, with cars passing by obviously thinking we are a bunch of nutters. 

I vow to do this more often. I hope everyone does. 

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