Me vs Lifestyle

A huge part of my growth as a photographer is to try new things. Being “alone” the majority of the time other than spending precious moments with my clients and their bubba’s I definitely look to my fellow togs for inspiration and ideas. I connect with like-minded professionals; those at the top of their field, some starting out and many more in between. It feels nice to be part of a network; like I’m part of a “team”, although I have met only a handful personally. 

Many of these togs are Lifestyle Photographers, or are headlong going in that direction. Now, I am NOT a lifestyle photographer by choice, although my family sessions do lean that way on occasion. Lifestyle documents daily life, the little bitty details of normalcy (probably SO much more but forgive me my ignorance in explaining!) - and I do absolutely love this style of photography. 

Just a couple of fave photographers of mine:

It’s heartfelt. It’s warming. It’s LIFE

So, on a quest for growth and expansion, I thought I would give it a whirl. After all, I’m a professional photographer right? My own personal photos do reflect that Lifestyle style, yes? Ah. Hmm. 

Lets now say I have much more of an appreciation of this genre! And I now understand that I am not Lifestyle. It’s definitely an art. And a very personable one. Whilst I do envy those togs who work their Lifestyle like the Queens they are, documentary is just not my thing. 

Rather than dwell on my inadequacies I have to excel at what I KNOW I am good at. Be better at it. Be a Queen at it. It has made every session since more special. It has made me look harder, delve deeper to create the masterpieces that I know are there. Subtle changes in my editing have made more of a pop. Changes in my angles have created something so completely different that I’m simply excited!

So thank you Lifestyle! You are changing me more than you realise. And I still love you.