Bubbies Revisted

It’s always good to challenge yourself; it keeps you on your toes, pushes you to achieve things not previous conquered. 

One way that I do this is to look back at previous images - in particular my editing process. As I am constantly honing my skills and learning new techniques I just love going back to an image and re-processing this. I used to look at the final image that I once produced and then re-edit the RAW file. Except that the end result always seemed to look similar. Whilst there were some subtle changes I felt that I really hadn’t learnt much. Why would I do this only to have the same image albeit with a tweak here and there? 

So now I go straight to the RAW file. Pick an image that was taken long enough ago that I have forgotten what I really did produce and start from scratch. Then I put my Big-Girl-Photoshop pants on and get to work! 

I’m really loving the drama I am adding to these. Little details I missed, experimenting with textures, and skin tones. And Black&White - how I love thee! 

I always love the images I create for my clients; I take great pride in myself in handing over timeless images to families. But these ones are for ME. My own personal growth.

Lisa TingComment