I've always had a love affair with black and white. From the classic Casablanca to those memorable scenes in the Wizard of Oz; Andy Warhol's "Marilyn" and endless industrial type prints, there is something utterly simplistic and weirdly artistic about it at the same time. 

It can be powerful and striking, or languid and flowing. And in the world of photography it is very much a personal choice. With so much emphasis on colour and texture, black and white can sometimes be overlooked or seem unremarkable in such a world of vibrancy. For me, B&W is emotive. A little edgy. A bit unrefined. Sometimes flawed.

In my world of newborns it's all about the creamy dreamy skin tones, the softness of the textures and organic fibres; however I do offer black&white images as well. Aaaand...cue Photoshop!

Now, I'm all for the quick fix, no matter what they say...if there is a way to make my life easier, I'm gonna take it. No starving artist syndrome here. So finding Kelly Brown's Whisper B&W in her Colour Harmony Set was truly manna from heaven! It doesn't work with all my images, but I just love how I can still maintain that dreamy look without the sharpness of true monochrome, or other actions. 

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