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Long long time ago in a land far away (23 years ago when I had my first born!), I was not a newborn photographer, digital was a Dirty word not to be trusted (and anyway it was only available in Japan), and the words SOCIAL MEDIA would draw blank looks or have everyone turning to the celebrity page in the daily paper (when it was actually paper) ...

The extended family would arrive en-masse to meet the baby, coo and give lots of Babygro jumpsuits in lavender and lemon, clog up the toilet whilst some aunty made endless cups of tea, and some trusty film camera would be put to good use. I'm sure I still have some canisters with undeveloped film somewhere. 

Well - THAT was the extent of announcing the arrival of our beautiful baby. 

Fast forward to just 7 years ago with the arrival of my second child; digital was well and truly here to stay and I had my first digital camera - Panasonic Lumix (the poor man's Canon), and I rather fancied myself as the next Anne Geddes. Photoshop was a language harder to conquer than German, and I discovered BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT CARDS. Re-vel-A-tion! Sadly, I can't put my hands on the actual announcement (which speaks for itself really). 

Now as a Professional, armed with the latest Canon, 3 lens's, Animoto and almost a degree in Photoshop, I can say "We've come a long way, Baby!" 

I just adore handing over these beautiful keepsakes of a time that is oh so fleeting.

xxx Lisa

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