i'm a photographer and i charge what...?

I get that we are always looking for a bargain; the cheaper option, some bang for your buck so to speak. It’s a fact of life that things COST. And I’m probably going to create a little controversy with this post, I may bore you all and people may leave it soon! But what other forum can one speak their mind? I’m going to talk cost of photography. Specifically NEWBORN photography. 

Photography is a luxury. Kinda like getting your hair coloured at the salon rather than a DIY job (of which I am totally guilty of). It’s not a necessity. It’s not groceries or (dare I say) a fully charged iPad on a rainy school holiday day. But it is a service. And like it or not, you pay for this, if you want it. WANT it, people...not need it or desire it, but you want those beautiful photos of your divine newborn so you can keep it for.EVER. 

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that because I offer this service FREE at Kareena Hospital, that I am the cheaper option. And I do offer packages that I believe are certainly not going to break the bank. However, I am a business. I pay like every other business does for suppliers, marketing, packaging, not to mention my time. Especially, my TIME which did I mention is free at the hospital? So, I need to tell you - I won’t budge on my pricing. 

I have worked my butt off to get my small business off the ground. It has been 6 years of hard yakka and no doubt there are a lot more to come. I have sacrificed time with my family, and invested more than I have earned. Like any other small business. 

It’s a common misconception that photography is over-priced. Why pay hundreds (if not thousands) on a canvas or wall art print when you can get it done yourself for $50 at Harvey Norman? Why pay $700 + on a USB that we all know costs 20 bucks at a retail store? 

Well - what about what happens BEFORE you get it? Even if you DON’T get it? Time aside for taking the images, just think about the professional editing for a moment. I’m pretty quick these days so I can potentially edit a gallery of about 20-30 images in approximately 3 hours. Unless the 6 year old is home from school - then it’s more like in between getting snacks, putting bandaids on knees, getting the bath ready, then preparing dinner. Let’s not start with school holiday time management. 

Oh, and just to be clear, to professionally edit I have spent thousands on mentoring sessions, workshops and software to get to this stage. This is all before you purchase anything. This is preparing your awesome gallery. 

I’ll jump off the soapbox (for those who are still with me), and conclude that I absolutely ADORE my job. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle babies all day long, then provide the most beautiful heirlooms for families for years to come? I can’t fathom doing anything else. But I want to be paid for it. I am being paid for it. 

If you want a package with me - you will clearly see what you are getting in that package. Please don’t ask me to cut the USB images down because you want a better deal. Please don’t say you want 5 prints instead of the 10 in the package. Please don’t force me to say NO. 

And lastly, if you are a Kareena patient and don’t want to spend this amount on photography - just say no thanks, you are not interested. I won’t be offended. I promise. Because the next mum will say yes. And she will LOVE her images and pay for them.