the Digital age

Lets talk digital backgrounds. Now if you are a photographer or designer you could be thinking a whole gamut of things - kitchy wallpaper designs, tiny cut out babes in giant egg shells on one hand; tastefully and artfully done in baskets and jars on the other. Harry Potter themes (when done right is absolutely cool as), magical unicorns or babies floating away in boats or the moon...

And then there is Luisa Dunn. But I'll come back to her later...

Now, art is art and is very subjective. I had never been one for digitally manipulating my images. Not because I didn't like them, but because until now I have been concentrating on refining and learning (constantly learning!). Lighting, posing, safety, and lets face it - money - have been more on my radar than cutting and pasting a baby in to a fantastical mystical background. And truthfully, I would not have known how to do it properly anyway! 

That was then - and this is now. 

My sole aim is to provide beautiful images of you, your baby, your family. And there are many photographers out there who want to do the same. Providing something a little different, a little out there - and a little arty - is what sets us apart. And if that means embracing a whole new world then that's what I'll do! 

There is a major misconception (and very much within our little tog world) that to use digital backdrops is to be like everyone else. Well, I must strongly disagree on this. It's a "trend" - some say. Or a "fashion" - like it's the 80's and one day will disappear like the big boofy hairstyles we thought were so on trend. And maybe it will. But now is now. I like to live in the moment. Not constantly thinking that what I am doing may go out of fashion sometime soon in the next decade. Besides, the 80's is currently the new thang. 

To truly put digital backdrops into perspective, lets go back to Luisa Dunn. An amazing award winning newborn photographer in her own right, beautiful inside and (definitely) out! Her style is SO left of field of mine - vibrant colours, flowers, garlands, and - COLOUR! I joined her FB group with some trepidation, not quite sure what I was really after. 

But therein lies the underlying question - STYLE. Yes I have certain characteristics that kinda define the way I shoot, edit and visualise the ultimate outcome. But it's very self-absorbed to think that it's all about me and my ahem "style". The ONLY person who should love what I do is the very person I am shooting FOR. The one who is paying me to give them what THEY WANT. 

To say that I'm never going to do that - or shoot like that - or be like so and so, is really setting myself up on a pedestal of failure. 

Luisa's digital backdrops are varied - oh I could blog about this ad nauseum - and other than give incredibly valuable feedback and encouragement, it has been a defining moment in my career. It has given me the knowhow to provide something more for my clients. And it has given me an immense sense of satisfaction knowing that I have created something new. THAT is my personal pedestal. 

I now include these beautiful drops in almost all of my galleries!