Back to it

Can you believe it’s now February and the kids are now back at school? Woohoo, I hear most of you say! Secretly I’m a bit sad. I mean, I really do need to knuckle down and get back to work without the “can I have…?” “can I do…?” “Can I, can I…?” but it does mean the end of the holidays. Where you spend 24/7 not just sidestepping the demands, but enjoying the little moments. The moments that are forgotten by the time they are ready to step into the new school shoes, meet their new teacher and start getting homework again.

I seem to always start a new project in January; I get all gung-ho and start with a bang, excited about where it’s all going…then bam! come March if I’m lucky it fizzles to a grinding halt. Too many things going on.

THIS year, I’ve decided to forgo the 365 Project, the Photo-a-day, and all those one’s that make you feel guilty if it goes awry. I’ve decided to set myself some personal goals instead. 

More blog posts, both personal and professional. More insta (I’m very sadly lacking in this department). More (dare I say it) photos of ME - I may have to relinquish my i-phone to my 7year old for these as I can’t seem to take a selfie to save myself, and he seems to excel in this. 

So January has been a bit of a sorting kinda month, finding some little gems from our holiday and creating something special, finding little random moments and reminding myself that the little man is off to Year 2, and I will probably forget about my goals come the 3rd week of March! 

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