The Hidden Gems

The dreaded lurgy did get me this time; I’m usually the one wiping snotty noses, soothing fevered brows and pandering to the husband whilst he is down, but this time? My turn. And boy did it get me good. I was bummed that I wasn't getting any newbie cuddles and my trigger finger was getting itchy.

During my self-imposed exile I have had to console myself with some personal editing - and through my digital travels I have found some lost gems. I’ve had all sorts of giggles, and it has inspired me to add a personal page to my website. A little insight in to my family. Crazy as they are. There are some lost teeth there, and it’s quite clear that my little man is an ice-cream fan. 

Apologies to those who are not featured here - although I’m sure there are some sighs of relief! 

I can't tell you how important it is to document the little things. Little moments that are just distant memories, and that are oh so fleeting.

Click here to view us in all our glory....

My family heart