Kareena Hospital Sessions


I've been the resident newborn photographer at Kareena Private Hospital, Caringbah for now over 7 years, and hand over heart it has been the most amazing 7 years! 

I remember (kinda) my firstborn's token Stripey Blanky shot. I call it that because after 24 years, they are still exactly the same, and any mother who has had a baby knows what I mean! It was many years before I had even contemplated a career in photography, and Anne Geddes was synonymous with amazing Newborn calendars. 

Don't get me wrong - I still look at his little cone head swaddled in a gorgeous blue/white/pink striped wrap and think I was the luckiest woman alive to have such a er...handsome child? - stripes or not, and I am very thankful that his cone-ness has been eternalised. 

16 years later, when I started at Kareena, it was a little trial by error to start, but I did have a clear goal in mind. And it was to produce beautiful and amazing images for my Kareena mums and dads - without ANY stripes. And not the obligatory one shot pose that you could purchase in several sizes (including wallet). I wanted to produce beautiful heirlooms of those first precious days. 

These days, and after many years of mentoring, studying, and literally hundreds of babies later, I am very much in a happy place. It's not an ideal environment for a photographer; the light is not always great, babies do NOT always sleep on cue, and I'm constantly dodging midwives and doctors. But I do make it work. 

And just because I can, every now and then I create a little something spesh.