The T21 thing


So, funny thing happened the other week. I'm in a Pro Tog group on Facebook; we bounce off each other, goo and gah over each others images, pat ourselves on the back and cyber-ly support a community of professionals in a solo world. It's nice. 

So the other week. I'm scrolling/liking/loving and then there is a post that stops me in my tracks. It's a call for photographers around the country to donate their time and talent to photograph kids who have Trisomy 21 for a Down Syndrome awareness campaign. I'm interested. I leave my details. I hope to be able to do a couple of mini-sessions, pat myself on the back and say that I've done a good deed. 

Then "boom!" It's like a cracker went off and the world went mad! All of sudden I had 9 - like NINE! sessions booked. And I did my first one; 7 mth old Leo. And I listened to the stories; read their blog. Two little chickies followed, and I played, took photos, looked into their beautiful almond eyes and fell in love. 

But I always do in a session. Whether they are newborns, toddlers, big kiddo's or mumma's to be. I do fall in love with them all, and these gorgeous, uber-photogenic, guileless smiling faces were no different. There were tears and tantrums, hysterical laughter, and lots of mum cuddles, wild hair, lots of tongues, and melt-your-heart moments. 

It was quite clear that this wasn't about me and congratulating myself. I just became focused on giving these families some beautiful precious images. That's all. Down Syndrome is NOT a disease, or an illness. It is not catching, but there is no cure. My sister-in-law has a DS sister. Another friend's sister is also DS. That's pretty much the extent of my knowledge and experience. It is not for me to delve any deeper or opine on medical issues. I am a photographer.

I know that they cry like other babies. They laugh (oh how they laugh!), they get shy, they get boisterous, they throw tanties, they don't always do what you want on cue - oh welcome to my WORLD folks. 

My sole existence in this T21 thing is to provide beautiful images that will be showcased with many other images from so many fabulous photographers around the country - to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month in October, and give a little something to those families. I hope I have.

I can't wait to see what extraordinary things are going to come from this, and I am so very thankful and proud to have played just a little part.

without further ado, please allow me to introduce 9 EXTRA-ordinary loves with the extra chromosome....