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Last week, in one of my Facebook groups, there was a call to arms for professional photographers around Australia to capture images for Down Syndrome month (being October). Not one to shy away from this I stuck my hand up. Now, I know little about DS, other than it is a genetic disorder that entails an extra chromosome (T21). My next immediate project is to educate myself further. 

The deal was we would post our business details, interested mums would contact us, with the view to capture a few pics for their slideshow, to raise awareness for their beautiful cause. The response was like a tidal-wave! I'm talking hundreds of photographers offering their time and talent - and I'm way excited to see what the outcome will be. 

For lil ol' me, I have 5 babies/toddlers to see and my very first was the most delicious Leo! 

Insert squeals of delight here when I first clapped eyes on this amazing little soul. And when he snuggled in for a kiss only moments after I picked him up, well melt my heart to mush!

Leo is 7 months old, and born in to a most amazing family. At first glance, it's not rocket science to pick that he has DS, but truly, he is so much more than that. Delightful, loving, happy (oh so happy!), so very handsome and very much loved. 

You can read more of Leo's story here:

For now, I'm going to leave with you with what I know best!

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