Giving Back

2017 was a mixed bag of wonderful; I have been so incredibly blessed to continue my little biz, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store.

Late last year I was lucky to be involved in the T21 Mum’s movement in spreading awareness of Down Syndrome. I found myself surrounded by beauty, love and acceptance and I must stress that in NO WAY do I feel they have been dealt a bad hand, nor do I feel "sorry" for them, or consider this an illness/ailment/condition.

I am adding a little gallery of my T21 bubs purely because I fell in love with them!

But it did create a little fire in me. By donating my time to T21 I became aware that there are other ways to give back to the community. In many instances photography is simply a service and sometimes a luxury that some just cannot afford. And that’s ok. I am a business, and that is to create timeless memories for those who can - and do, pay for my services. At the end of the day for me to sustain this I charge accordingly - and it’s not always cheap. I have overheads like any other business. I have insurance, car expenses, equipment and a studio. It is a real business believe it or not!

I searched my soul long and hard about this. Do I donate my time to a charity? Do I cover charity events? Do I hand over Gift Vouchers, or gift this to an auction/event? My head was spinning, and the internet searches went in to overdrive. 

It really should have been simple - and it turns out it was. I was just making life difficult for myself. 

I am excited and thrilled to introduce- THROUGHOURLENS

There is so much more to this than a simple blog post, so after you gush over these beauties, please head on over....

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