Prints versus ... well, bad prints

I recently had a client contact me regarding their prints that they received back from BigW - and it was a disappointed client. There is nothing worse, although logically my brain was saying "not your fault" - nor is it any fault with my client. After all, there are so many avenues we have for cheap prints these days, why wouldn't you do it? I mean 15 cents for a 6"x4"! Crazy! And that's just the B of the W. There is Officeworks, K-Mart, Harvey Norman etc.

You can even get a 12"x12" hardcover photobook for $25.00. Seems like value for money right? 

So back to my client - the colours were washed out, the skin tone was yellow (not of the jaundiced kind) and it just looked well AWFUL. Now I don't tell my clients what to do with their digitals, although if asked I definitely recommend a reputable printing lab if it's not myself. I get that my fine art prints are not cheap (they are archival cotton rag), and that people want a choice of where and how much it will be. But I get oh so sad when I hear that they are disappointed. It's like a stab to the heart. After all, I have spent hours editing and proudly handing over a product that I am in love with. 

Rather than bag mass-market chains who have their place with bargain hunting, office furniture, inexpensive fun clothes, or electronics (and are pretty good at it), it's time to look at who exactly provides good quality prints that do your images justice, and just how much you will pay. 

Let's start with me first!
I source my fine art archival prints from Queensland - I have been using this lab for a few years now, since I switched from lustre prints to fine art. Full disclosure; they are not cheap given that I outsource my printing regardless but also due to shipping, packaging and my business markup. But in my humble opinion are the most beautiful prints. 


Fox Film Lab - 135 Flora Street Sutherland
These guys were my first print lab I used. Old school print lab that have been there for as long as I can remember!
You'll need to visit them for prices. Old school = no website

DigiDirect - Westfields Miranda
I cannot personally vouch for them however they are a bona fide photo lab, and you can shop for those shoes while you wait!

Cutie Pie Photography - Shop 1, 14-18 Regent Street Kogarah
(formerly in Westfields Hurstville) - again another pro lab I have used previously. 
$1.50 per 5"x7" size
$6.95 per 8"x12" size

if you are ever asked if you want colour correction - please say no! just explain that they are professionally edited images using srgb (they will know what you mean!).



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