When it doesn't go to plan!

Some sessions just don’t pan out the way we envisage! We plan, feed, set up and we’re raring to go - but someone forgot to tell bubby! She’s cranky, tired, going through a feeding frenzy - or just being a newborn baby. Of course, ideally the perfect session will be a dream run where bub sleeps the entire time, does not wee, poo or vomit, will yield into every position imaginable, and behold! it’s done and dusted in 30 minutes, so you can go back to an uninterrupted sleep.

Yeah. Nup!

Mostly, and particularly in the hospital when we have a limited time and low light on occasion, it can go a little awry. Sometimes, we need to call time and we haven’t got that shot you wanted. But don’t despair! Even the awake shots, the stretches, yawns and cranky faces; the “not-so-perfect” angles make for beautiful memories. Little hands get in the way; legs go a little skewiff, and heaven forbid - their bits are showing. It happens.

Here are just a few of my recent favourites - and also some digital magic when it’s called for!

chase 001L.JPG
chase 002L.JPG
evelyn 001L.JPG
evelyn 002L.JPG
frankie 002L.JPG
hendrix 002L.JPG
hendrix 001L.JPG
james 001L.JPG
james 002L.JPG
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