the power of the Goddess

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of women (of all ages) being photographed. 

I am like most of us women out there - happy as a pig in mud to proudly display my offspring, yet the thought of paying someone to capture the beauty and essence of my existence was horrifying. It definitely stems from my own insecurities with my body, my age; and yes, I have yet to have a fully fledged photo shoot of my own (I will get there!). 

Why is it that we can happily hand over whatever it takes to immortalise our FAMILY or children but forget about the woman behind the creation? Because, lets face it - our families would not exist but for us. 

Now - I love my babies - I mean I truly LURVE them! And nothing gives me greater joy in creating beautiful timeless images of these little beings. But these gorgeous creations come from equally beautiful, fierce and all-nurturing women. And there are those who choose not to or cannot create; those who are waiting to, or have not even thought that far. Those who have already started and those who are handing over the mantle to their own children. 

Over time and thought, it came to me that CREATION is a fabulous word. And the Mother of Creation is GAEA. 

As the story goes - Chaos came before everything, and was made from the darkness, void and confusion. Then Earth - in the form of Gaea was created. From Gaea came the heavens; the first Gods and mortals. She was lusty and formidable. Frightening and embracing. The creator, lover, mother. The “giver of gifts”. 

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