Boutique Sessions @ Kareena

Having a baby is a wondrous time in your life! It can also be overwhelming, tiring, emotional and draining. For those first 5 days in hospital you are in a bubble; feeding, weighing, heel-prick tests, hearing tests, more feeding, lactation advice, when can I sleep? and on it goes. 

Then I flounce in and ask if you want newborn photos! 

Having had two myself - once a lifetime ago (he's now 24) and again 8 years ago, I remember the hospital photos well. Ah that delightful stripey blanket! That delicious cone-head and jaundiced squishy face. Even 8 years ago before my artistic adventure, I could put both photos 16 years apart and be hard pressed to tell the difference between them. (OK I'm a mum, I CAN tell)

These days newborn hospital photography is still thriving, although much has changed. There are still many lifestyle photographers who will capture those first few days in your room; a fly on the wall - little toes and feet, a feeding moment, sibling joy and touching memories. And that gorgeous stripey blanket.

Whilst I adore the lifestyle images, Barefoot Photography at Kareena Private Hospital is totally different. The shoot is all about your baby. Soft natural colours and fabrics, boutique styling and posing, with no stripey blanket in sight. I bring the "studio" to you. With beautiful soft blankets, a backdrop stand and a selection of wraps, I am able to create boutique images that will leave you amazed at what can be achieved in a hospital shoot in such a short period of time. 

Yielding approximately 20 or so fully edited images for you to view on your private gallery within 5 days, means that by the time you are home and settled (are we ever after having a bub?) you get to see the magic created only days ago.

So when I come knocking on your door, take a short hour from your hospital stay to capture gorgeous images that will last a lifetime!


images with props are composite images
all images have been taken @ Kareena Private Hospital, Caringbah