booking at Kareena Private Hospital

Your stay at Kareena is a short one! For normal deliveries you generally go home on Day 5 and for caesareans it's usually Day 6.

I tend to see new mums on Day 3 - you have started getting in to your feeding routine (of sorts!), your milk has either started to come in or is about to, and you have spent a couple of days bonding with your bub. So the window of opportunity is narrowing for your photoshoot, which I try to arrange for Day 4 (day 5 for CS). If you are having a High Tea (lucky girl!) this is also usually the day for it, so the timing of the shoot is between the hours of 10am - 12pm. The in-house session is booked for an hour but may only take about 45min if everything aligns. 

Most of the rooms at Kareena have lovely natural light, however weather is unpredictable (especially the Autumn/Winter season) and there will be times that dictate some extra thinking. If you are staying in a suite (M14-M17) despite being large, they are also quite dark. Great for privacy and space - not so great for natural light! In these situations I may organise another empty room along the corridor or if it is a full house, I may use a reflector or external flash. Please be assured that using a flash that bounces of the walls or ceiling will NEVER be harmful to your bub. 


I ask mum's to feed prior to my arrival. Of course not everything goes to plan but if bub is nice and full the session should be smooth and peaceful. I'm always very happy to wait if timing is a little skewiff! There really is not too much else to worry about. If you are planning on having visitor's that day it would be ideal if they could be pushed back to visiting hours (from 2pm) so that the session can be conducted in relative peace and serenity, but it's not a pre-requisite. 

I try to keep my equipment to a minimum however I do have must have items that do take up some room. A backdrop stand is used at the side of the bed; a small (but heavy) posing pod, blankets, wraps and of course camera gear. 


I definitely understand that certain situations may call for a cancellation - your bub may need the Special Care Nursery, or you may need some assistance with feeding during your appointment time.
As a courtesy I do ask that you contact me BEFORE your appointment. I have blocked out a time for you which means that other mum's may not have been able to book in and also my equipment is heavy and cumbersome. 

Being a new mum can be a little overwhelming and your previous night may not have been a restful one so I can appreciate that once your appointment time arrives you may not be feeling up to it. 
However, my time for you at Kareena is free of charge and I do not work FOR the hospital. This is a service that Barefoot Photography provides on behalf of Kareena. 
If you have had an unsettled night please note that this may be beneficial (it may not seem so at the time!) as your bub may sleep VERY well during the session and it may be over much sooner, leaving you time to rest afterwards. 


Above all, your comfort and baby's safety is paramount to me and I greatly appreciate that you are taking the time to capture these first few days of life. It is a joy and wonder for me every session - every time!