choosing your photographer

Oh the choices you have! At last count I see 18 + newborn photographers just in my general area. So parents are definitely spoilt for choice when contemplating who to capture their awesome newest being. Now some of these names I know and respect immensely - I've met a few along the way. And I would NEVER diss another photographer. It's just not done. 

When considering your choice the obvious one is the one who genuinely "speaks" to your style. Are you into Lifestyle - those timeless grainy natural shots, unposed (well yes there is a little) and candid? Do you prefer posed, with props, arty or organic? Moody black&whites? Vibrant colours? 

Are you driven by price only? Do you just want the best - price be hanged? Do you want beautiful prints to hang on your wall; or prefer to have the edited files to keep on USB?


safety first

With social media now a large part of lives we are also swayed by recommendations and word of mouth. But an important factor that can be overlooked is SAFETY. It's paramount in our industry to ensure that not only we provide you with your precious heirlooms but that we adhere to strict guidelines when these tiny helpless beings are placed in our care. 

So I'm going to tell you a little about myself and Barefoot Photography. 

I have been photographing newborns for over 8 years. I started out with little understanding and a dream to get out of the corporate travel world that consumed me before I became pregnant with my second child. I saw an opportunity when I was on maternity leave - and I never looked back! My absolute saving grace was that I was propelled into a hospital environment from the get go, and I'm STILL the resident photographer there at Kareena Private, Caringbah. 



8 years on and I know a little bit about handling babies! I work closely with the midwives and paediatrician's, I've dealt with premature bubs and those who need the Special Care Nursery. I know that the best time to take that photo is when bub is milk-drunk and I may leave the session with some poo, wee and maybe vomit. Occupational hazard. 

I am also blessed to have a home studio at my disposal. With fabulous natural light almost all year round and located in the beautiful Woronora Valley, this is a soft soothing space to relax and unwind.

I have travelled extensively for conferences, workshops and mentoring, both for the artistic professional teaching, but also for the safety and wellbeing. I am fully immunised and take care that I am in the best of health prior to every session. I know what poses are best suited to your baby, how to soothe them and coax them into sleep (usually!) - and I would NEVER place them in a position which would endanger their wellbeing. 

So in short - what I recommend you do when pursuing a newborn photography shoot - be informed. Ask questions. Do your homework. Oh and in case you are still wondering? My STYLE is both posed and organic - limited props and soft natural colours!