Q: when is the best time for a newborn shoot?

A: Traditionally newborns are photographed between 03-14 days; however I do believe that we can obtain beautiful images regardless of this timeframe. I have been known to photograph newborns up to approx 5-6 weeks!
In saying this, most newborns up to 2-3 weeks have the ability to curl themselves in to the most incredible poses. Their skin is usually blemish free, and after a big feed will sleep almost on cue. 
After this time they may sleep a little less, they may develop milia (baby acne), and they begin to stretch a little more. I never say never. Every baby is different, and every newborn shoot is treated as such. 

Q: when should i book?

A: Ideally the best time is during your last trimester to ensure availability, however I do take bookings after bub has arrived. As I am also the resident photographer at Kareena Private Hospital, I manage my time between hospital sessions and studio/home shoots so the balancing act can be challenging. Firm paid sessions take precedence over last minute bookings.

Q: what is the newborn barefoot style?

A: I am a natural light photographer, and my style is simple, organic and all about bub. I do have limited props, and digital backdrops that I incorporate into most sessions.