the Gaea collection

In Greek Mythology, Gaea was the Mother Earth goddess, the mother of all life. She was lusty and formidable. Frightening and embracing. The creator, lover, mother. The “giver of gifts”.

As the story goes - Chaos came before everything, and was made from the darkness, void and confusion. Then Earth - in the form of Gaea was created. From Gaea came the heavens; the first Gods and mortals. And so it went. 

It was not till I became a mother myself that Gaea entered my realm, even though I was a mad mythology buff in my younger years. It was always the beautiful and tragic Goddesses. Aphrodite/Venus, Artemis or Persephone. Yet they were all borne from Gaea. 

Every woman is Gaea. Every Goddess and queen. Every mum, mum-to-be or yet to be. Grandmother or even Great!

Welcome to the GAEA COLLECTION.

about the Gaea shoot

Held in the comfort of your home, the privacy of the Barefoot Studio, or the great outdoors - the choice is up to you depending on your style. 
I have a small arrangement of gowns (including maternity) however your style is YOU so bring what you feel comfortable in. But feel free to step out of your comfort zone!
Whether you are a no-frills jeans and t-shirt chick, or a glamorous fashionista (or a bit of both!); the Gaea shoot is all about you.
Hair and makeup is not included, although may be sourced at the model's request.


the Goddess collection $680

*available for a limited time only*
session - home | studio
5 images of choice (download only)

the Gaea collection $990

session - home | studio | on location
10 digital images of choice on custom usb
2 fine art prints of choice 8"x12" size


I totally understand the need for privacy and for many women this means the usage of social media. 
The terms and conditions of the GAEA collection is thereby different from my usual T&C's.
Should any image be deemed by the model to be not for usage for social media/promotional/branding then all respect will be given.
An acceptance will be required in writing to this affect after the gallery has been issued.